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"Synaxis Of The Saints of Carpatho Rus": Visitors Marvel At Duchovny Dom's Magnificent Icon Mural

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Duchovny Dom Monastery in the Blue Mountains near Weston, Oregon, is a place where the art of iconography is blooming. Every year, iconographer Oleh adds more beauty to the walls of the monastery cathedra (church). The latest addition, the Synaxis of the Saints of Carpatho-Rus, covers the entire back wall of the cathedra. Is there a reader out there who can identify all the Saints? I can see SS.Cyril and Methodius, Apostles to the Slavs, next to the cross in the center. I think Bishop Theodore Romzha is on the right next to the nun. But who are all the others?

It must be a truly awesome experience to pray in Duchovny Dom's cathedra while all those oversized holy Saints are looming over the congregation. Yes, I know, they are praying for us invisibly all the time but Oleh's beautiful iconography makes us so much more aware of our holy company.

Please go and visit Duchovny Dom Byzantine Catholic Men's Monastery and see this and many more great icons for yourself. If you cannot go travel to the real place, you can always visit the monastery Facebook page DuchovnyDomMonastery or their website DuchovnyDom.com.

By the way, some of the monks of Duchovny Dom are expected at our upcoming pilgrimage August 16/17/18, 2019.

Come and see!

The stunning photo below shows A Traveller In Carpathia, Marc Williams, who met iconographer Oleh during his travels. (photo courtesy: Marc Williams)

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