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The Weeping Icon of Mariapoch, Hungary: Greatest of the Carpatho- Rusyn Shrines

The Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Olympia, Washington, is a shrine of the Ruthenian or Carpatho-Rusyn people from the Carpathian Mountains in Central Europe who immigrated to the United States bringing their faith and their culture with them. The Ruthenians have no country in Europe. The Carpathian Mountains, which are their home, stretch across many countries: Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Serbia. Ruthenians can be found in all of these countries. They are united by their language and their Ruthenian Catholic Church which is called Byzantine Catholic Church in the United States.

The Ruthenians have a great devotion to the Mother of God. She is revered at a number of shrines in their homeland. The greatest of these shrines is the Weeping Icon of Mariapoch in Hungary. Read the amazing story of this miraculous icon on the website of our Archeparchy of Pittsburgh and on carpatho-rusyn.org.

Our Lady of Mariapoch, pray for us!

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