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A Pilgrimage To Duchovny Dom Byzantine Catholic Men's Monastery, Weston, Oregon

The Magnificent Dome of the Cathedra of Duchovny Dom Monastery

Monasticism is an important part of Eastern Catholic life. Our Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Phoenix is blessed with a beautiful men's monastery, Duchovny Dom, in the Blue Mountains of Oregon, where a group of holy monks live simple lives of prayer and labor ruled by the liturgical cycle of the Church.

Archimandrite Joseph Stanichar, founder of St. George Byzantine Catholic Church, OLPH Shrine, and the three other Byzantine Catholic Churches in the Pacific Northwest, founded Duchovny Dom, the Reverend House, in 2013, after he retired from parish life.

Make a pilgrimage to Duchovny Dom to teach you or to remind you of what the Christian life truly is.

Hospitality is part of the monastic life. The monks always welcome visitors. Just call ahead to make reservations as space is limited. The hermitage, a house on the premises, is available for women. Call (541) 969-6543.

You will find a place out of this world. The liturgical spaces are as opulent as the monks' lives are simple. There is the chapel, the bell house with its five bells and, most prominent, the magnificent cathedra, the monastery church. Duchovny Dom is a place built for the worship of Our Lord for whom only the best human hands can create is good enough.

Come and see the beautiful iconography of Oleh Skoropadsky, hear the ringing of the richly ornamented bells and chant with the monks the glorious, ancient liturgy of the Byzantine tradition. Come and see a miracle of beauty growing in a place set apart for the glory of God.

Come and see!

Blessings on your pilgrimage,

The Pilgrim

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